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Launch your career with an internship from home. Internships for students of English Language and Literature Studies and educational studies in the field of teaching English and translations. Internships from home are ideal for BA and MA students who need to complete a pedagogical training as part of their study programme. Given the current situation of the COVID-19 pandemic, online internships are the easiest way to complete them in a way that is both instructive, fun, and – above all – safe!

ONLINE internship?

Due to the changing market of English language teaching, which follows the changing trends as well as needs and habits of people who take up English language learning, more and more schools are starting to offer ONLINE language courses. Therefore, it is worth gaining valuable experience not only in teaching itself, but also in ONLINE teaching and running businesses remotely. This will definitely translate into immediate benefits when entering the labor market as a number of corporations are keen on implementing home office in their working environment.


Internship at CHOICES

CHOICES offer ONLINE language courses and has vast experience in distance learning. Due to this we are in possession of the know-how and have the state-of-the-art tools and techniques available on the market that make ONLINE learning highly effective and desirable by diverse student cohorts.

Your Internship 

Thanks to internships at CHOICES #JęzykiNaWynos you will gain not only the internship credit, but also practical knowledge in the area of:

➔ running a language school

➔ ways of attracting and acquiring customers

➔ necessary tools used for ONLINE teaching or translations

Internship with English

Competitive remuneration

We also offer competitive remuneration upon successful completion of particular tasks! All of these under the supervision of experienced English teachers and admin staff who will provide you with tricks of the trade in a friendly atmosphere!

Sounds interesting?

Apply for your internship today! Make sure to check out our values! 


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